Hi, my handle is eternal and this is my gamedev website. I'm primarily interested in narrative-driven games.

Sometimes I write about games, anime, and other media on my blog. Besides that, you can email me at admin[at]eternicity.net or follow me on Twitter.

Sepia Tears is a romance visual novel written in Ren'Py. It's about a memory that a boy named Mark tries very hard to forget, and a girl named Myra who unearths it.

Download v1.4
Windows, Linux

Director/Writer: eternal
Character Art: Choux
Music: lelangir, xyzurdaez (Vocalist - ED)
Background CG: mugenjohncel, mefloraine
Programming: AfroSquirrel, Hacaplus

(Originally released under Team NEET)

Fan Translations

Yesterday's Dishes is a short story written in Twine. You can play it here.